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            Tantra Massage for Women


Discover and explore your body as a sensual landscape through honouring and sacred ritual.

Using breath, movement and touch help you become more skilled in knowing your pleasure, directing your experience and enhancing sensation during self-pleasure and sexual encounters.

When you are met with both strength and sensuality, this can be powerful to experience and help you open you up greater depths of sensation.

I can help you experience new erogenous zone throughout your body, expanding your orgasmic potential and stepping into a mindset of erotic power.

I will encourage you to expand your capacity for pleasure at your own pace and organic flow.

My full body massage can awaken the whole system to enter expanded bliss states instead of just relying on a genital focussed approach.

To receive touch without having to be concerned for your givers pleasure or welfare is a great gift to give yourself.

I offer this work as I recognise that there has been a lack of honouring the feminine in the world, and wish to make my own steps towards changing this. Allowing women to experience nourishing and devotional qualities in a man, in the presence of her own sexual energy.

I hold a safe and supportive space for you to be able to fully relax and receive.


This can help you become more authentic in your expression of pleasure. By letting go of the expectations and anxieties around performance, this allows you the ability to sustain pleasure and to have greater sensation throughout your experience.


These experiences may help bring greater awareness and sensitivity into your intimate relationships whether with men or women.

Experiences can include:

  • Sensual Touch Massage.

  • Breast Massage.

  • Vulva Massage.

  • Anal Massage.



£180 (2 hrs)

£260 (3 hrs)


Low-cost clinic option:

If you genuinely feel you’re unable to afford these fees then my Low-cost clinic also available. I work with three low-cost clients per month as I don’t want finances to be a barrier to this transformational work, therefore a price can be negotiated between us that feels right.

Payment plan:

You can pay a deposit then pay the balance via instalments, as long as the full amount is received prior to the first session.

All session last 2 hours minimum

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