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Couples Connection sessions

About Hugs couples work:


Sex Coach & Sexual Pleasure Practitioner, Hugs Goddard offering couples coaching. 

Being both Sexological Bodyworker and tantra massage trained- knowledge is rooted in science but their Tantra training has given them a passion to share sacred sexuality work for healing, growth, intimacy and greater pleasure in all aspects of life.

I work honouring couples of any gender and sexual orientation.

Together we’ll create a safe space for yourself and your partner to learn about deepening your connection and meeting each other in new ways.

You’ll be invited into exercises and experiences for building conscious connections, releasing blocks to intimacy and creating a softer more expanded place to meet your partner in.

This can include:

  • Sacred union, ritual and intimacy

  • Practical pleasuring techniques

  • Genital massage instruction

  • Orgasmic breathwork

  • Intimate games / explorations for two players

You’ll gain a greater understanding of your own and your partners bodies, as well as a tool belt of relationship-enhancing practices to work with at home, allowing your partnership to flourish

You can choose how your sessions look. This could be a process of being guided as a couple, or alternatively it can be a mix of one2one coaching for each of you with myself and my partner and then coming back together for sessions to expand on your individual learning.

These could be in-person bodywork sessions, or online coaching including both partner practices and self-pleasure homework


Any queries or to book a free consultation call  please email:












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