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Through this work you’ll discover there is always more to be experienced in your body than we currently know or give ourselves time for, and from this you’ll learn about yourself, your pleasure and your connections with others.

Ejaculatory Choice:

-Ejaculatory choice

-New Orgasmic States

-Separating Ejaculation and Orgasm


Hugs Goddard:

Certified Sexological Bodyworker


Sacred Sexual Massage Practitioner 

A practitioner with heart and integrity, he offers bodywork session through Orgasmic Expansion, for those who wish to explore deeper states of erotic pleasure.


Using breath, movement and conscious touch, he guides those he works with to become more embodied, more skilled in knowing their pleasure and helps them increase their awareness of sensation during self-pleasure and sexual encounters.


Hugs brings his strength, creativity and love of the elements in everything he does, bringing his earth and fire in his teaching through his presence and passion.

Hugs is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Sacred Sexual Practitioner.

He began his own adventure into conscious sexuality and tantric practices 6 years ago.

Continuing on from that…

He trained in Sexological Bodywork and Tantra massage.

He has assisted and continues to work with teachers from around the world in self-inquiry/sexual development programmes and retreats, developing and gaining insight and new understandings.


”I was deeply moved by the life changing experiences on my own journey, and have brought those teachings into my daily practices ever since.  The on-going developments in my ‘pleasure capacity’ and ‘orgasmic expansion’ are amazing, as well as witnessing how working with our ‘life force’ ripples into all areas of our lives.”

He is now passing these learning’s on to others through his one2one Bodywork, online coaching, couples sessions, workshops & retreats.

Hugs looks forward to sharing experiences with you and providing support and assistance in your journey.   

Hugs headshot BW (3).jpg


Thanks for an amazing session last night.  Its certainly had a profound effect on the way I touch myself and my partner.  I'm feeling so much more alive to touch.


I feel a huge love and gratitude to you dear brother... your willingness to just be my witness and honour me through your support was divine.  The memory of your gift will stay with me forever.

- P.J

Hugs is a practitioner of depth, sensitivity and integrity in session space he has a profound capacity to "read" the moment and to meet me as a woman where I most long and need to be met. It was tender, wild, playful, healing and, above all else, held with impeccability. I trust in Hugs and the sacred space he offers.


I've had loads of insights from the homework you set me and its leading onto something huge.  You hold such a strong space for deep work.



Connect with Hugs

Thanks for your enquiry.

Hugs will be in touch!

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